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No offers

The information, in particular opinions, mathematical results and financial analysis published on this website are indicative only and in no way constitute an offer, advice or recommendation to buy or sell; moreover, they do not provide any other kind of advice, for example on tax or legal issues.
All investment decisions you make are based solely on your personal assessment of your financial position and investment objectives, and your personal interpretation of the information. You are solely responsible for these investment decisions.
Any investment in products that are posted on this website involves certain risks. The value of each asset can go up or down; Exchange rate fluctuations can also affect the value. Past performance of a security is no guarantee of future performance. It is therefore possible that you will not get your money back.



We strongly recommend to consult a professional investment advisor before making any investment decisions

Local Restriction & Cross Border Services

The services and products presented by Van Sterling Capital Ltd. are not intended for persons who, due to their nationality, place of business, place of residence or other reasons, are subject to a legal system that prohibits foreign financial service providers from doing business or giving their legal or natural persons access to foreign websites Financial service provider prohibits or restricts.
If Van Sterling Capital Ltd. has no approval from a foreign regulatory authority, Van Sterling Capital Ltd. may in principle not advertise financial services in this country. In particular, Van Sterling Capital Ltd. has no approval from the US and Canadian regulatory authorities. This website may contain information, in particular on financial services and products, which may be considered by the supervisors of the non-exhaustive countries as a public offering of financial products and a targeted advertising of financial services to persons residing in any of those countries. If you live in one of the above mentioned countries, by visiting this website you confirm that you are visiting this website on your own initiative and that you have not been solicited by Van Sterling Capital Ltd. in any way.